High Mountains Adaptation Partnership (HiMAP)

The High Mountains Adaptation Partnership (HiMAP) raises global awareness of the critical importance of high mountain glacial watersheds. By 2015 we expect to have strengthened scientific, social, and institutional capacity for the management of dangerous glacial lakes and threatened landscapes in the Himalayas, Andes, and select other mountain ranges worldwide. We have already been instrumental in creating the first community-based, participatory glacial lake risk reduction project in Nepal, which included a successful V&A training program, promotion of South-South knowledge exchange, and development and deployment of an innovative Glacial Lake Rapid Reconnaissance Team, a mini-hydro generation project, and vital donor coordination. We established the first high mountain glacial watershed community of practice, now called the High Mountains Adaptation Partnership (HiMAP), which creates new opportunities, connections, and shared knowledge between previously disconnected scientists and practitioners. And we are developing a new generation of climber-scientists fluent in climate change and adaptation issues, research methods, and action projects in high mountain watersheds.

Below is a video of our first expedition to Imja Lake, in 2011:

Global Glacial Lake Partnership [2011] from Skyship Films on Vimeo.